The Most-Wanted Features Now Live!

Update for NAILS Magazine’s Nail Art Gallery (v1.3)

1. Upgraded Large Photo Views

You can now browse through the large photos with just one click!

On the detail page, when you click on the photo to view a larger photo, you will now see this:

(1) Shows which photo set you are viewing.  “1” is always the most recent photo of the set.

(2) You can browse by back and forth with the previous and next arrows.

(3) You can “like” the photo right there while you are browsing through the large photos.

(4) If you want to return to the regular detail page, just click on the arrow on the bottom right.

2. And don’t forget to scroll down to see the comments!

When you scroll down, you’ll also notice that the photo set you’re viewing currently is also highlighted on the right.

3. View all the photos an artist (or you) liked.

You will now see a link on the artist page called “Likes”.  Click on the link to see all the photos this artist has liked.

You will also see a similar link on your own dashboard to see all the photos that you have liked.

4.  From “Fan” to “Follower”

We changed the words “fans” and “fan of” to “followers” and “following,” respectively.

5. Report This Photo

We take your art seriously.  If you see anything inappropriate or know for sure that it’s someone else’s photo, please let us know by reporting it using this feature.

Try out our new features and let us know what you think by leaving comments below or sending us feedback!